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For Ladies Only: How To Know If Your Guy Is Still A Virgin

Well, you are wondering if this new, sexy and charming dude is a virgin or maybe he is just lying so as to get into your honey pot. You’ve fallen for him but you want to be sure if it is real and if he is actually telling the truth. Look no further the as we bring to you ladies the telltale signs that your guy is a virgin.

It is quite difficult to tell if a guy is a virgin because there is no physical or anatomical indicator that can be used to know if a man has previously had cex or not which on the other hand is present in females.

It is well known fact that male virgins always have similar physical appearance and share the same behavioural traits which are easy to spot. A difference in their appearance and behaviour are important clues in deciphering a male virgin even though most times, the female folk already have “virgin detection instincts”. We would take a look at some important factors that you can use in spotting a male virgin.


Most virgin males tend to have awkward dress sense. They mostly look geeky and timid even as they match funny dress materials together. This is usually so, because they believe they have not much reasons to pay attention to their dressing given that they’ve not experienced what cex is like. This usually begins to improve the moment they spot a girl they like but even at that, it is discernable to the observant lady.

Physical traits

Funny enough, the physical traits of virgin males are very much different from those of non-virgins. Virgin males are known to be weak and shorter on average when compared to non-virgins. Virgin guys tend to have a unique appearance when compared to other males. The muscle mass of male virgins is smaller and this often times than not makes their female counterparts stronger than they are. Male virgins may be extremely skinny or fat and their Penises are usually on the small side.


The uniqueness of the male virgin personality is a major clue in determining their virginity. Male virgins are usually quiet, reserved and act in a feminine manner. Other attributes include cowardly behaviour, appearing passive in interactions and poor social skills. Furthermore, male virgins are timid and shy and usually do not know the way to go about asking a lady out and making out with her. A lot of them would rather ask out a lady on the phone or through social media than face to face.

They tend to be scared of women and when they get accepted as a date, they would go out of their way to please their partner and ensure they do not lose them. Unfortunately however, most male virgins are unable to stay for long in relationships despite the fact that they put in their all. This is so because they most times lack the sexual and jovial nature to keep the ladies at bay. This inadvertently makes them do unthinkable things such as begging for a date, buying her lots of stuffs, answering to her neck and call and what have you. Ultimately, they end up losing their women and themselves in the process.

Finally for the ladies, if their is a virgin male you like, cut him some slack and gently prod him along the path of development and ultimate maturity to become the guy toy want.

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