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Jibunoh : Africa needs another Nelson Mandela

Asaba celebrated environmental activist, Chief Newton Jibunoh, has stressed the need for Africa to produce another Nelson Mandela, as the continent and entire global community celebrated the life and ideal of the late President of South Africa, Nelson Mandela, yesterday.

He spoke at this year’s commemoration of Nelson Mandela Day,  held in Asaba, Delta State. The low-key celebration featured music, dance, poetry, interactions and tree planting activities. He said, “As Africa and the entire global community once again on July 18 to celebrate the life and ideal of Nelson Mandela, we must look North, South, East and West to find another Mandela because if only a very small percentage of Africa can be like him, the world and our continent will be a better place. “With this year’s theme calling for action against poverty, we believe that more than ever before, we need men like Mandela, who are ready to serve selflessly and priorities the health and wealth of their nation over their pockets. “With another day like today, we recall the difference a man like Mandela made in the world and not just in his home country, South Africa.”

This difference or impact is something the world can do with in times like this. He taught us forgiveness, he even forgave his prosecutors, he taught us humility, he taught us endurance, he taught us transparency and good governance, he taught us Unity by unifying a Nation of races from all over the world.”

Culled from the VANGUARD

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