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Kokun Foundation Is A Scam – Angry Non Nigerian Man Says on Social Media

I have tried as much as possible to stay clear off any issue that has to do with “Kokun Foundation” but I won’t let this slip away.The very first day I stumbled upon his Instagram page and the numerous Food Charity thing, a part of me is not comfortable as I believe there is more to it 🤔Anyway, what can I say? There is hunger in the land and some people can go to any length to get something to eat.

Earlier this year, Mr Kokun promised to buy a Wheel chair for a crippled lady and also promised to open a shop for her 😩He was quick to share the Picture of himself and the lady on Instagram with hundreds of comments thanking him for his rear kindness.However, his promise almost landed the poor lady in more trouble after a young man saw the lady still begging on the Street of Lagos and was very angry. His believe was that the lady was not contented with all Mr Kokun did and that she has resorted to begging again after all what Mr Kokun has done for her.

That was when the secret blew open after the lady opened up that Mr Kokun only gave her ₦1,000 and that was the end 😳The young man took to his Instagram page to inform Nigerians that Mr Kokun did nothing to assist the poor lady other than the ₦1000 he gave her – All Hell was let loose as Nigerians rain insults and curses on Mr Kokun who later came online to clear the issue promising to do all he promised.Well, A Non Nigerian man took to his Instagram page to share his Views on what he thinks about Mr Kokun.

According to him, Mr Kokun goes about the Street of Lagos sharing food to the less privilege with a Gucci bag full of Money.

Looks like a Rogue, criminal – he claimed.

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