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The Xbox One X is released and its said to be the most powerful console EVER

Microsoft has said the One X will be able to run more games at 4K resolution than the PS4 Pro, as well as offering backwards compatibility for older Xbox 360 and original Xbox games.

It is 40 per cent more powerful than any other games console on the market – with six teraflops of internal graphical computing power surpassing the 4.2 found in Sony’s flagship PlayStation 4 Pro.

The One X is likely to face strong competition from PlayStation and Nintendo over the Christmas period but the firm’s UK boss said he believes the new system offers a “better gaming experience”.

The machine also supports gameplay in 4K resolution and is the only games console to support Dolby Atmos sound technology.”We believe now is the time to bring true 4K gaming to the living room. We are convinced by 4K technology and how it suits gaming,” said Xbox UK and Ireland boss Harvey Eagle.

“We think it really adds to the level of immersion in the experience. If you look at independent research it’ll tell you that by the end of this year they’ll be almost four million 4K TVs in the UK and over the next four years you’re going to get to a point where almost half the households in the UK will have a 4K screen in the home.

“So we feel that this is technology that is important, relevant for gaming and close to a tipping point, and that’s the reason why we’ve really built this machine now. To really take advantage of that important 4K moment in technology.”

However, the One X is more expensive than the £350 PS4 Pro, at £449 which equals N185,000

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