Toyin Abraham Arrests 5 for Pirating Her N500m Movie ‘Malaika’

A recent video of Nigerian actress and director Toyin Abraham chatting with media about having some individuals jailed aroused outrage online.

In the video, the actress discusses how her latest film, Malaika, was copied and circulated over several Telegram channels.

Toyin Abraham stated that she experienced significant panic attacks when she discovered that Malaika had leaked on several sites.

She said that she was obliged to go on several Telegram groups and request the moderators to halt the illicit downloads.

During the press conference, the director said that it was heartbreaking to witness a film that cost her N500 million to develop leak and be illegally downloaded.

Toyin was spotted with her FilmOne movie distributor discussing the arrests of several people who were found pirating Malaika and other Nollywood films.