“Davido not one of my favourite artists” – Speed Darlington

Controversial rapper Speed Darlington recently shared that Davido is not among his preferred artists. During an appearance on the ‘Curiosity Made Me Ask’ podcast by Isbae U, Darlington was asked to name his favorite artists excluding Davido, to which he straightforwardly replied that the DMW boss is not one of his favorites. When the host, Bae U Barbie, inquired about his favorite artists aside from Davido, Darlington responded sharply, questioning if he had ever mentioned Davido as being on his list.

Additionally, Darlington admitted that his social media proclamation about winning a Grammy in the future was made while under the influence of illicit substances. Despite this, he remains dedicated to his ambition of running for the presidency in the future.

He criticized Nigerian politicians, labeling them as “masters of rigging,” and emphasized that a president should be elected by the people rather than imposing themselves on the populace.