Nigeria’s Chief Justice Ariwoola Warns of Judicial Decline Without Salary Increment For Nigerian Judges

Chief Justice of the Federation, Olukayode Ariwoola, warned that Nigerians would continue to suffer under the current judicial system unless judges’ salaries, allowances, and benefits are increased.

During a public hearing in Abuja, stakeholders supported a National Assembly bill proposing a 300 percent increase in judicial salaries and allowances. The hearing, organized by the Senate Committee on Judiciary, addressed the need for annual salary increments and periodic reviews every four years.

Ariwoola highlighted that judicial salaries had not been reviewed since 2007, leading to financial difficulties for judges. He compared the judges’ situation to a patient in intensive care, emphasizing the urgency of increasing their compensation to improve the judiciary’s effectiveness.

Attorney General Lateef Fagbemi, Finance Minister Wale Edun, and other stakeholders echoed the need for better pay to ensure a fair and efficient judicial system. Fagbemi noted that the 300 percent increase proposal aligns with current economic realities and has the President’s approval.

The bill aims to stabilize the judiciary by significantly improving judges’ salaries and working conditions, thus enhancing the administration of justice in Nigeria.