Adekunle Gold regrets making song about his ex

Nigerian artist Adekunle Gold has expressed regret over creating a song about an ex-girlfriend who caused him heartbreak.

He wrote and sang about his experience with a manipulative woman who broke his heart in the song “Damn Delilah,” which was featured on his debut album “About 30.”

To commemorate the sixth anniversary of the album, Adekunle Gold shared the album cover on his social media handle on Sunday.

A fan commented on the post, jokingly suggesting that the ex-girlfriend referenced in the song would never forget the album.

In response, Adekunle Gold admitted feeling remorseful for creating the song.

When another fan asked for the full story behind the song, he explained that he was in a relationship with a girl who had a boyfriend, unbeknownst to him.

After receiving a threatening call from the girl’s boyfriend, he realized he had been deceived and subsequently wrote “Damn Delilah” out of heartbreak.