Nigerian govt. explains why price of Tomatoes surged by 130 per cent

The Minister of Agriculture and Food Security attributed the escalating prices of tomato products across Nigeria to an infestation affecting tomato farms, commonly known as Tomato Ebola or Tomato Leaf Miner.

He made this statement on Monday via his official X account, addressing concerns about the soaring costs of tomatoes in the country.

The minister explained that the infestation has led to a significant reduction in tomato availability, thereby contributing to the surge in prices.

He emphasized the ministry’s prompt response to tackle the issue, including deploying agricultural experts to affected areas to contain and eliminate the infestation.

Furthermore, the ministry is providing support to affected farmers, offering them necessary resources and guidance to expedite the recovery of their crops.

This effort parallels the establishment of the Ginger Blight Control Taskforce, reflecting the government’s commitment to addressing agricultural challenges.

Acknowledging the impact of these issues on daily life, the minister assured the public of ongoing efforts to resolve the situation and restore the supply of affordable tomatoes.

In related news, Nigeria’s food inflation reached a record high in April, with data from the National Bureau of Statistics indicating increases in both food and headline inflation rates to 33.69 percent and 40.53 percent, respectively.