Nigeria’s democracy still has a long way to go – Shehu Sani

Former Kaduna Central Senator, Shehu Sani stated on Wednesday that Nigeria’s democracy still has significant progress to make. In response to President Tinubu’s Democracy Day promise that his reforms would yield positive results, Sani expressed concern over the prevailing hunger and hardship in the country during the Democracy Day celebrations.

In his Democracy Day address, Tinubu asserted that the government’s reforms are designed to establish a stronger foundation for future growth, acknowledging that these reforms have caused hardship. He emphasized that these measures are necessary to fix the economy in the long term, ensuring fair economic opportunities and compensation for all.

Tinubu also mentioned plans to send an executive bill to the National Assembly to solidify these reforms into law for the next five years or less.

Shehu Sani, on his X handle, commented, “There is so much hardship and hunger in the land. The sooner the reforms bear fruit and alleviate the worsening poverty, the better, safer, and more peaceful our country will become. We have made progress, but there is still a long way to go. Democracy should not be a government installed by the majority for the benefit of a minority. We must continue to strive for a better country.”