Victor Osimhen Fires Back at Finidi George’s Comments Questioning His Commitment

In a surprising turn of events, Napoli striker Victor Osimhen has publicly addressed comments made by former Super Eagles coach Finidi George, who questioned his commitment to Nigeria’s 2026 World Cup qualifiers. This has sparked a major debate within the Nigerian football community.

Finidi George had earlier implied that Osimhen, despite his injury, could have played in Nigeria’s crucial qualifiers this month. However, Osimhen, who had twisted his ankle and was ruled out for four weeks, did not take kindly to this remark.

Responding on his Instagram page, Osimhen defended himself, saying, “I asked Finidi George to allow me to stay with the players in the camp, but Finidi told me not to bother and to stay with my family. Now, after two bad games, everyone is blaming me. I know how many injuries I’ve played with for Nigeria, giving my all, but after two bad games, everyone is attacking me.”

The 25-year-old striker, who is key for both Napoli and the Nigerian national team, expressed his deep disappointment and loss of respect for Finidi. “I have lost every respect I have for him,” Osimhen added, highlighting a significant rift within the Nigerian football scene.

Osimhen’s response has ignited a heated debate among fans and analysts about player commitment and management decisions, illustrating the tensions that can arise in the high-stakes world of international football.