Senate Says It Will Support Six-Year Single Term For President and Governors Only if Nigerians Approve

The Nigerian Senate has stated that it will support the proposal for a single six-year term for the next president and governors only if it aligns with the wishes of the Nigerian people.

Senator Yemi Adaramodu, the Senate’s spokesperson, conveyed this during an interview in Abuja on Saturday.

Recently, 35 members of the House of Representatives, identified as Reformed-minded Legislators, proposed this idea, arguing that it would reduce governance costs. In response, Adaramodu emphasized that the Senate would remain neutral and act based on the collective opinions of Nigerians.

Adaramodu remarked, “The Senate has no opinion. It serves as a platform to gather the opinions of Nigerians. When people from various regions express their desires, the Senate will aggregate and follow that direction.”

Additionally, as the Chairman of the Senate Committee on Media and Public Affairs, Adaramodu addressed rumors about a supposed clause in the proposed New Minimum Wage Bill that would allow the seizure of state and local council funds. He dismissed these reports as baseless.

He clarified, “The President mentioned in his Democracy Day speech that he would send the New Minimum Wage Bill to us soon. No one, including the Senate President, has seen the content of the Bill yet. It’s premature to take a stance on a document we haven’t received.”

He continued, “During an interview marking the first anniversary of the 10th National Assembly, I never suggested that state and local government allocations would be seized. Nigeria is a federation with autonomous sub-national governments. The misleading headline suggesting otherwise is false and should be ignored.”