Lagos Government urges Residents to take Cholera preventive measures seriously

On Thursday, Mrs. Grace Adesola, Director of Health Education and Promotion at the Lagos State Primary Health Care Board, emphasized the importance of preventive measures against cholera for Lagos residents.

Speaking to NAN during the inauguration of the Standing Committee on Cholera Sensitisation in Ikorodu, Lagos, Adesola highlighted that cholera is primarily caused by what people consume.

She advised residents to ensure their drinking water is safe, suggesting measures like boiling, chlorinating, or using safe bottled water. Adesola also recommended maintaining proper sanitation, safely disposing of feces, avoiding open defecation, practicing good personal hygiene by regularly washing hands with soap, ensuring food safety by protecting food from flies, and avoiding raw fruits unless washed with safe water.

Adesola stated, “If all these measures are implemented, cholera outbreaks in Lagos State can be controlled.”