Let us work together to build brighter future – Peter Obi tells UK’s Keir Starmer

Former Labour Party presidential candidate, Mr. Peter Obi, has expressed that Nigeria could significantly benefit from the UK’s support in addressing issues like insecurity, education, healthcare, and poverty.

His statement followed the Labour Party’s victory in the UK’s general election, where they secured the necessary 326 parliamentary seats.

The former Anambra State Governor suggested that cooperation between the two countries could pave the way for a brighter future for the Commonwealth.

In a post on his X handle on Friday, Obi expressed his hopes for stronger UK-Nigeria ties to help enhance democracy in Nigeria during these challenging times. Reports states that the Labour Party’s victory ended the Conservative Party’s over 14-year governance.

Congratulating Keir Starmer and the UK Labour Party on their significant win, Obi stated that the victory should usher in a better chapter for all UK residents.

He said, “I sincerely congratulate @Keir_Starmer and the Labour Party UK on the landslide victory they recorded in Thursday’s election. May the victory translate to a better and new chapter for all UK residents as you remain committed to your electoral promises.”

“I also hope that your government will promote stronger ties between the UK and Nigeria and help in deepening our own democracy, especially during the challenging times that our nation is going through.”

“Nigeria is grappling with issues such as insecurity, education, healthcare, and poverty and could greatly benefit from the support of the UK. Let us work together to build a brighter future for the Commonwealth. I wish you a successful tenure.”