Nestlé Professional Empowers Sokoto Local Street Food Vendors

Nestlé Professional, the out-of-home business division of Nestlé Nigeria, has provided local street food vendors in Sokoto State with training to enhance their businesses. This initiative was part of the Business of Food workshop, now in its eighth edition.

The company reported that since the program’s launch, it has equipped over 1,900 food businesses in seven states with vital skills and knowledge to improve their operations and increase their income.

The workshop included participants such as canteen operators, grillers, ‘Maishais’, and bukas. These vendors are crucial in serving low-income communities in Nigeria, making them a rapidly growing sector catering to Nigerian consumers’ needs.

Mrs. Funmi Osineye, the Business Manager for Nestlé Professional in Nigeria, expressed excitement about bringing the workshop to Sokoto. She emphasized that the food business encompasses more than just preparing tasty meals; it also involves nutrition, pricing, presentation, taste, and hygiene.

“Our objective is to assist food vendors of all sizes by sharing knowledge and tools from our global and local expertise. We are confident that this will lead to lasting improvements and growth within the local food vendor community, as we have seen in other locations”, she said.

She explained that the empowerment program aims to help vendors enhance their businesses through networking, upskilling, and training on key aspects of the food industry.

These include culinary techniques, menu planning, customer engagement, and, importantly, good hygiene practices.