Helpful tips for parents on how to monitor their teens on Social Media.

  1. Smartphones allow for interaction and engagement with the entire world and require parents to be proactive. Therefore, parents can’t expect to hand them over to children and have them behave and make decisions like adults, without a discussion.
  2. Give yourself permission to go through their smartphones, texts and other information. It’s not a personal diary, but a portal into the world that requires oversight.
  3. Approach the issue and continue to talk to your children from a place of “digital empathy” in which you offer love and support.
  4. Understand that the text conversations your children have are just as real as the face-to-face conversations adults have. To them, the words on a screen are just as powerful as those said in person.
  5. Make sure they understand your expectations for the behavior online by setting rules and boundaries.
  6. Help them understand their “digital footprint.” Their history of Internet activity is permanent and could have ramifications now or well into the future.
  7. Take the time to learn about new applications, digital trends and interests that might occupy your children’s time. “What’s cool” is constantly evolving.

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