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A Bloody Sunday in Owo Ondo State of Nigeria

On the 5th of June, a gruesome massacre took place in the city of Owo, Ondo State as Christians who went to church to worship their God were shot and killed in the church, the perpetrators of this act left no one spared killing both young and old, father and child, mother and grandmother, it flowed rivers of blood when people came jumping over lifeless bodies looking for survivors and others searching for family members lifeless bodies.

Very few people survived this wicked act of massacre and are still in shock to say what truly happened. This massacre happened days after the said gas explosion that rocked the city of this same Owo which eye witness proved to be a bomb blast.

Bomb explosion in Ondo

As the election approaches the security of Nigeria has been thrown in disarray and the citizens fear for their everyday lives, there is no concrete evidence to prove who or what group is responsible for this act but it is believed to be done by a Fulani group affiliated to ISWAP, BOKO HARAM or Bandits as they go by many names and the nature of attacks they have carried out in the past.

The Governor of Ondo State governor Akerodolu who was at the time of the incident present at the nation’s capital FCT for the APC primary election flew in immediately after hearing the tragic news that occurred in his state and has condemned this massacre and has promised to bring the terrorist to face justice, also has the president thrown his support behind the government and has also all other arms of government condemning such act

Ondo State Governor Akeredolu at the scene of the massacre

Since the massacre, there has been a plea so as there been volunteers who are willing and are donating blood to save lives of those who survived of cos not without severe injuries but are been treated at the federal hospital owo with prominent Nigerian activist willing to pay the donors just to save lives.


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