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Abdullah Al Nasari, Head of Security at the 2022 World Cup in Qatar

The head of security in Qatar Abdullah Al Nasari has addressed the LGBT community not to bring such practices to their country. Qatar will be hosting the FIFA World cup 2022 and part of all necessary arrangement the country through the head of security have clearly stated that such conduct will not be accepted in their country. As spoken in his words:

Abdullah Al Nasari, Head of Security at the 2022 World Cup in Qatar

“If you want to express your views on the LGBT cause, do so in a society where it will be accepted. Do not come and insult an entire society. We will not change the religion for the 28 days.”

Qatar is in the final preparation stage for the world cup which will commence in September 2022, with beautiful stadiums constructed which have in the them large air regulators to have the stadium at a cooler temperature compared the hot temperature in the country as a result of their surroundings.

Qatar is surrounded by mostly desert making the atmosphere hot most times and this according to sport expert isn’t a good condition for sport most especially football, hence the air regulator installed in the beautiful stadiums.


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