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Drama in Senate as RMRDC boss lists ‘Kilishi’ as research breakthrough

On monday drama erruoted in the senate house of assembly when the Director General of Raw Materials Research and Developmwnt Council Professor Hussain Ibrahim was called before the senate to brief and account for the organizations achievemnet for 33 years.

Professor Hussain listed the achievement of the organizations 33 years which in his words:

“We have developed two varieties of Sorghum”.

We collaborated with agricultural research institutes, pharmaceutical industries because we produce ethanol from it and that is the basic raw material for the production of sanitizers.

“Also from the same Sorghum, we developed other products like Glucose syrup, livestock feeds, material for breweries, and starch.

Pandemonium occured when Professor Hussain said that in 33 years of the organization they had discovered a way to produce “kilishi” which is a procesed meat popular in the northern part of Nigeria.

What has a countries research institute got to do with “kilishi” which can be produced by local farmers.



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