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Eating Healthy and having the best Healthy Drink Is Possible

Eating healthy and having the best healthy drink in this time amidst a global pandemic is critical. The WHO has advised people to sanitize and stay clean ALWAYS. As a foodie who believes in eating healthy and a lover of fresh fruits, I discovered many people just give what they feel like per time not considering the health of the person/people who will consume their products.

Amidst many emotional and mental stress was Licious Delight birthed. Ideally, fresh produce is supposed to be plucked off the tree and straight to the mouth but the distance from the market to the consumer can’t be described. Have you ever thought about the last time you had a bite of fresh tomato? Refreshing right?

At Licious Delight we truly believe everyone deserves the right to eat healthy ALWAYS. Only the best quality farm produce such as fruits, vegetables, and groceries are acceptable. We pride ourselves on giving you 200% on every order.

Our vision is to build a dependable and effective fresh-food market culture, both locally and internationally, delivering fresh handpicked food products from farm to pot. We want to encourage and ensure people consume only the freshest and highest quality of foods at all times.

A lot of folks ask us how we do it. How do we consistently deliver quality products, arrange for timely delivery, and keep our customers so happy?

The answer is really simple. It is about dedication. We do it because we love fresh produce as much as you do. It is also because we understand the importance of staying healthy. I must also say my Mum is a very time conscious person and she insists as a business owner when given a timeline of delivery you ensure you get to the point of delivery at least 10mins minimally

We specialize in cooking Nigerian Soups, Rice of all kinds, Stews, finger foods a.k.a small chops, all-round pastries, we pride ourselves in making unique and rare fruit custard, amazingly yummy fruits combo blends which keep you yearning for more, Moimoi, veggies, we plan and deliver meal plans for our Fit-Fan Friends, breakfast, lunch, and dinner for the family, Get-together lunch packs for your birthday, seminars, office brunch, church lunch amongst others.

Licious Delight is also available to meet all catering needs for weddings, all forms of dedication, buffet, and party cooking. 

 We pick, package, and supply fresh produce for wholesale, retail, and food services nutritious enough to meet your everyday produce needs and compact enough to provide efficient, friendly service.

Food Safety and Freshness is absolutely our Culture! Let’s eat fresh and stay healthy!

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