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How Nollywood star Innocent Tunde Lawani escaped from the kidnappers den.

This is the shocking story of a Nollywood kid star Innocent Tunde Lawan and his narrow escape from kidnappers Den and is making a wave as the Nigeria movies industry reveals the shocking news on how innocent popularly known as Innostar in Nigeria Movies and his Producer were both kidnapped along Auchi Igarra road, Edo state while returning from a location on his latest movie Titled Fake Life,  late 2022.
The two movies’ Big names were kidnaped and taken to an unknown destination between the hour of 6:45 pm west Africa time. Innocent who was driving on his Toyota Avalon car to his hometown along with his movie producer ran into an unexpected flash down of men on the highway, suspected to be the regular police checking point, the story became different when both occupants of the vehicle were pulled down blindfolded and were moved into another waiting vehicle that zoomed off into an unknown destination into the forest.
A reliable also source disclosed that the movie star said to have noticed the over-drunk behavior, and the language terms that the kidnappers were using and so he relaxed luckily for them, the kidnappers suddenly decided to drive out to the highway to get more Victims.
They dropped Innocent and his producer in an uncompleted building under the watch of one of their member with an AK 47 riffle, the young man started by searching their pocket and later engaged them in a conversation about what Innocent does not understand what the guy was talking about.
The armed guy suddenly stops talking and slept off with loud snoring,  while Innocent and his producer were able to escape into the dark forest around 3 am and maneuver their way to Sasaro village before looking for help to convey them to Igarra police station.
We spoke to the Innocent manager who confirmed the incident, but he refused to give further details and said the police were investigating all that happened, he also confirmed that the innocent’s car has been recovered from the very point they were taken.
We thank God, he said before ending his call.
Our reporters have not been able to reach either Innocent or his producer, news around town says they left Edo state for the safety of their lives.


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