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Okada ban effective from 1st of June

A video circulated on the internet showing motorcycle riders also known as okada riders beating a man and setting him ablaze claiming he was a ritualist, after which evidence came out identifying the man in question who goes by the name David Imoh to be a sound engineer and a father to 1.

The incident which happened on May 12 around 6:30 pm has since prompted the Lagos State government to revisit the law on ban of motorcycles(okada), this ban which is taking effective 1st of June 2022 has seen the Lagos State Task-force seize hundreds of motorcycles riding illegally on the street of Lagos, although they have bee outcry from majority of Lagosians against the ban has okada is an easier means of transportation in a state with bad road network and malicious road traffic.

Lagos State Task-Force seizing motorcycles has okada ban commences

The ban on motorcycles would take effect in nine local governments of the state to further tighten and ensure the safety of the inhabitant of the state although with a major discomfort for a greater good



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