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Panic in Nsukka Enugu State

The unknown gunmen a fraction of the IPOB on the early hours of Monday 6th of June set ablaze a truck at beach junction Nsukka as a warning to the occupants of Nsukaa and its environments to adhere to the sit at home or face the consequences.

Truck burnt at beach junction nsukka Enugu State

This event has been going on in the southern side of the country such as Enugu, Anambra, and Bayelsa as a means to crumble the economy and a loud protest to the federal government concerning how it treats the indigenous people of the south-south, but this has dealt more blow to the people of the south-south than it has to the federal government bringing most business in these vicinities to a complete halt leaving more people to starve as the consistent sit at home continues. Despite the attempt of the federal government and state governments to restore peace having tried different methods has been of no avail as the barbaric act of the so-called freedom fighters has been inflicting more pain and restricting its citizens from going about their daily lives.


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