Having sex isn’t always the candle-lit dream that’s depicted in rom-coms. In fact, the deed is full of weird smells, embarrassing noises and a whole lot of awkwardness. Unfortunately, most people aren’t willing to open up about the real secrets behind sex until it’s too late.

So the people of Whisper have opened up about the things they wish they’d known sooner. From size matter to anal orgasms, here are a few insightful things you probably didn’t cover in sex.

  1. The smell of sex is the best and worst thing you’ll ever smell.BANANAS-OF-DIFFERENT-SIZES-315203


  1. It’s okay to be kinky. It makes sex a whole lot of fun.


  1. Size does matter to a virgin. If a guy is too big down below that it will most likely hurt.


  1. Doing stuff in public areas leads to federal charges.


  1. If you’re not super prepped, he can tear you.


  1. Anal hurts, but is worth the mind blowing orgasm.


  1. You won’t always be able to have an orgasm.


  1. Threesomes can be complicated. Remember that the third is the third, and your partner needs to feel like it’s all about them


  1. It’s okay to let him or her know what you like for a better result.


  1. Just because sex is ‘sexy’ does not mean that bodily functions will take a break.


  1. It hurts. Your body can make awful sounds. And it is sweaty.


  1. Condoms expire and once they’ve expired, they’re likely to break.


  1. Older and more muscular doesn’t mean that the sex will be better.


  1. How attached you get to the person. I’ve heard of it, but to experience it is so different.


  1. Sometimes you feel euphoric afterwards, but it can also leave you feeling empty.


  1. Libido is not to be taken for granted.


  1. Just because it’s the next step in your relationship doesn’t mean you’re ready for it.

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