Apple has announced a new version of its wearable Apple Watch.

The Series 7 brings the first redesign to the watch since 2018, and will be slightly larger.

The new size can fit almost 50% more text on screen, and has a keyboard to input text. It is also dust-resistant for the first time.

Apple Watch iOS 8 will also be able to automatically detect bicycle rides, including e-bikes.

But manufacture of the Apple Watch Series 7 could face production delays, reported Bloomberg.

Apple said the new model would be available “later this fall”, whereas other products such as the new iPad and iPhone – announced at the same event – are available from next week.

Apple accounts for 47% of the global smartwatch market, according to research from CCS Insight.

“At first glance, the latest Apple Watch is another iterative update, but the larger screen allowing bigger virtual buttons and a full qwerty keyboard should certainly improve usability,” Leo Gebbie, principal analyst at CCS Insight said.

He said he had expected to see longer battery life, as “owners continue to clamor for smartwatches to last longer”, but that was not announced – even if faster charging was.

“Despite these concerns, the Apple Watch continues to sell in record numbers and dominates the smartwatch market by a distance,” he added.

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